Neighborhood Watch 2.0

16 Sep

It’s the MacGyver of door peepholes. The caller-ID of doors. You’ll never miss the Prize Patrol from Publisher’s Clearinghouse ever.

Supposed to help you answer the door in case you’re in your backyard, in the garage, in the bathroom, or just out and about.


Image result for ring doorbell

One of the best doorbells on Earth for people who don’t want to answer the door. You don’t even have to get up from you Netflix binge watching session to check who’s at the door or what they want.

A lot of places put them on their front door steps to make sure no one tries anything funny. Although the backyard, or alley way is something they like scoped out too. A whole security system.

But people still try funny things.

Amazon packages are still being taken in mad dashes, now you just have a picture of the hoodie suspect and the police still won’t do anything for you. Just file a report. Nothing much else. Unless you have one of those awesome pop-up glitter explosions with a camera so you can see the thief’s face as they unwrap the trap you sent them.

But other than watching people steal packages from your doorstep, or see how many people park outside your house, or visit your neighbor across the street, it also provides the most intense neighborhood watch program I’ve seen ever.

My friend says that there are multiple crime bulletins posted, people put their captures, pictures, or videos of thieves stealing their packages, shoes, bikes, mail and mailboxes. Warnings posted of car break-ins or stealing catalytic converters, which apparently is a popular item. Sometimes just random people trying to open their doors at 4 a.m.

Who does that? Who’s awake at 4 a.m. trying to unlock doors?

People who aren’t afraid of getting punched in the face or confronted with a hostile encounter if they wake anyone up at 4 a.m.

But Neighborhood Watch 2.0 Steroids Edition has got your mug shot and description. They’re taking notes and passing it along. People see you in daytime and nighttime hours. Got your stats and they’re posting it everywhere. So if you haven’t been caught it’s only a matter of time, unless you’re Batman.

They got it all on camera, just in case. But don’t ever know if the case is ever solved. But Ring Neighbors are onnnnnnnnn it. They report crimes, speak to the police, get incident maps alerting them of new crimes, get alerts of suspicious activity within a five-mile radius perimeter, post announcements. Lost pet? They probably have his mug shot posted within seconds.

A friend of mine has had one for over a year and I’ve seen them popping up everywhere in neighborhood and city. There’s an app that’s attached to your phone and you have instant viewing. Everything is recorded.

See the source image

So if you think you’re alone walking the streets, think again. The neighborhood is watching. And the community is getting larger, and I imagine more intense. Don’t think you can steal someone’s 30-day supply Metamucil and special order diabetic socks and not have someone stop you at the 7-11 and say hey I saw you stealing someone’s packages the other day. What the hell?

In the time of coronavirus, I guess it’s still important to feel a sense of community and help your neighbor out. People trying to look out for each other, even if it’s digitally. I mean who doesn’t want the Amazon package theft to go down? You’ve become the best nosy neighbor ever and you didn’t even have to look out the window. Ring has elevated your status.

Buen Camino my friends!




5 Responses to “Neighborhood Watch 2.0”

  1. cravesadventure September 17, 2020 at 5:34 AM #

    Your post has me both thinking of my actions on camera as well as gave me a few chuckles. The hood I live in is on it with their security to this app called Nextdoor to watching out the windows. Then you add in the phone or text chain going on when something is going down. The power goes down we are on the chain with having a main transformer in our front yard. I think it is great neighbors are watching out for each other. Sometimes it is a little too much up in your business, but you deal because they are just concerned and care. I still remember the time we had 2 or 3 different plumbers at our house in a few days time that got the neighbors flapping for some reason – cracked us up – ha! Be Safe, Take Care and Enjoy Your Day 🙂

    • The Guat September 18, 2020 at 12:18 PM #

      It was kind of a spoof with serious undertones I guess 🙂 but you are right! It does get a little too intense sometimes to have neighbors all up in your plumbing business but in certain situations that might be necessary like if plumbers are helping you “move” your stereo, tv, computers and wallet, others times your sink is just messed up and plumbers are just plumbing 🙂 I made the observation with all these MacGyver doorbells and it was a trip. They are everywherrrrrre 🙂

  2. Island Traveler September 22, 2020 at 11:41 AM #

    We got one too. It’s amazing how many random people just pop up in our front & back door.

  3. Sorryless September 22, 2020 at 4:18 PM #

    Punch in the face is right. Lemme at em!

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