This Mother’s Day Banking on Small Moments, No Chores, and Mixed Tape Soundtracks

9 May

Wishing so much to travel and be outdoors with nature this Mother’s Day Weekend, and not being able to is a bummer. Not devastating mind you, just a bummer. This is the one day out of 365 days where it’s all right to think of myself and not feel guilty.

One day.

24 hours.

Now granted I have to go on a cleaning marathon the day before with the bathrooms, the laundry, the vacuum, the mop, and the dishes, but at least that gives me a day of nothing on Sunday. Can’t say what’s waiting for me on Monday, but Sunday is clear.

24 hours.

I’ll take it.

Even if it’s indoors.

Usually I’m sitting at the ballpark cheering for my Boys in Blue hanging with my family, enjoying the sunny day and loving the little moments in between the Big League hits. The smiles of my kids as we finally reach our seats, the view of the field with newly cut grass cut in patterns, the high fives when home rubs make an appearance, the walk-up-to-the-plate songs, the bloopers on the Jumbotron, the seventh inning stretch, Clayton pitching, Justin swinging away, and Max making great plays.

But I know this isn’t for everyone.

I know some people go all out in their Sunday best with fancy church hats and heels to champagne brunch and that’s super great! Maybe I’ll do that one day.

But I’m good with jeans and a baseball cap, Dodgerdog, peanuts, and a special beverage. Simple things like that always made my day. They make me smile. Everything but the parking situation makes me smile. That’s just a whole lot of patience required after all the goodness … but it’s kind of like a regular mom day. Highs and lows.

But if my team wasn’t in town I’d drive down to the beach and spend the day with the waves, boogie boarding, feeling the ocean wash over my toes, and hanging out underneath my red Tommy Bahama umbrella. Soaking up the sun and feeling the magic that comes with living near an ocean is something that always makes me feel good Mother’s Day Weekend.

Either way I’d have a plan, and this time, even though I can’t enjoy the Great Outdoors, or cheer my Boys in Blue to celebrate my momness, I still have a plan, I guess. Just a little different this time around.

I mean I can’t say I’m angry about it at all. I’m healthy, kids are healthy. We have each other, we have family. We have food, shelter, and what we need. We haven’t suffered a Covid-19 tragedy, we’ve been one of the lucky ones. Don’t live in epicenters like New York, but just in my city alone, not my state, but my city there’s been over 30,000 cases. I recently heard that someone I went to school with died from it. Age 44. Just like that.

So even though there’s no Mother’s Day celebration I’m grateful that we’ve been lucky. Being careful and following rules have helped us out, because sometimes even when you do the right thing, there are others that don’t, and it puts everyone at risk. Even the young healthy 44 year-old guys who have little daughters.

So the fact that I’ll have restrictions this Mother’s Day doesn’t necessarily burst my bubble. It’s not miserable. It’s an opportunity to make another good story. As in, you remember the time there was the Coronavirus and we were sheltering in place, but we still rocked that Mother’s Day?

Making stories is what keeps us going. When looking back most of the time they’re the more interesting or funny stories. Sometimes they’re sad, that’s true, but most times in retrospect they’re not. They bring smiles and laughter at how you can’t believe how you got through it all. Your resolve impresses you.

It’s a date on a calendar to be recognized, yes. But celebrations can wait until it’s safe. There will be so many celebrations when this is all over. But don’t get me wrong, there’s still life, and adventure just a different way of going about it.

There will be chocolate. Definitely. Chocolate and maybe a scenic drive where we can enjoy panoramic views from the highway while listening to our own soundtrack. This year, this Mother’s Day we’re banking on the little things, small moments, a mixed tape, and no chores done by me.

But until then I send you sunshine and waves from months and months ago 🙂

Buen Camino!


5 Responses to “This Mother’s Day Banking on Small Moments, No Chores, and Mixed Tape Soundtracks”

  1. beth May 10, 2020 at 1:34 AM #

    what a beautiful attitude and approach, enjoy the day!

    • The Guat May 12, 2020 at 9:57 PM #

      Thanks Beth there’s nothing else much you can do than change your approach and stay away from people who think they’re invincible:) hope you’re staying safe. 🙂

  2. Sorryless May 10, 2020 at 12:59 PM #


    This is what is sobering about this time we are living through. The fact that many will go unscathed, others will suffer through it and come out on the other side. While still others, seemingly healthy and with the rest of their lives still in front of them, will be taken by this virus. There is no rhyme, no reason, no mercy.

    We live inside that most time honored of sayings. One day at a time. And you’re right, we should be thankful to have the days, however they might come to us. Staying home and jamming out with the kids whilst baking instead of watching Clayton work things to the bullpen? If need be.

    Beautifully written mama.

    Happy Mothers Day to you

    • The Guat May 12, 2020 at 10:02 PM #

      Duuuuuuude so missing Kerahaw but we catch some fan calls and it’s good to see them. But you are right I’m on the One Day at a Time plan. And most of the time perspective keeps me in check. Gratitude helps always even on the tough days 🙂 sending you some good vibes my friend.

      • Sorryless May 13, 2020 at 11:57 AM #

        I miss watching live games, as I never really got into all the recorded stuff that has been dominating the sports channel landscape since the pandemic.

        I did watch Ken Burns’ Baseball again, and that helped lots. But yeah, live games. The batter digging into the batter’s box while the pitcher looks in for the sign. And then that momentary hush before things get cooking.

        FYI- Finished the first season of The Wire. Love. It. I’m milking it now, as if it were a show on TV currently, because I don’t want to binge it away . . .

        Sunshine and waves hermana

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