Kodak Moments and Oscar The Grouch at The Pumpkin Patch

28 Oct

I could have gotten the six-dollar pumpkin at the supermarket down the street, no need for the heat, the crowds, the parking lot battles, toddlers crying over the ponies, or random chickens everywhere. I mean a pumpkin is a pumpkin. I probably had a coupon for it.

But I didn’t mind driving the long windy road to get a giant six-dollar pumpkin at the farm. I mean of course I’d enjoy it if the farm was closer, but it’s a whole experience. It’s the vibe. It’s the Doreen Cronin books my kids grew up with that set the scene. Farmer Ted.

It’s another memory for the Jar of Awesome, the kind where my kids still seem to enjoy my company and hug me while we take a picture, even without me having to ask. I hear that trails off once the teen years hit. Crossing my fingers for the opposite effect. Maybe the pumpkin farm trips are what keeps the hugs going.

Even though my son entered the world of lockers, over-sized backpacks, six different teachers and hundreds of new students weathering all kinds of emotional outbursts, he still welcomed a family trip to the farm, where the little kid in him enjoyed the pumpkin patch and fall festival activities with his younger sister.

They enjoyed panning for fossils and gems, as well as, racing dune buggies on the dirt track, firing the green-tomato sling shots, and corn blasters. And … it was fun watching them get into the farm vibe try rope tricks and go on hay rides. One of the highlights being that my son guessed the exact weight of the ginormous pumpkin, and won his first farm prize ever. Another would be the fact that my daughter won her first mini pumpkin with the ring toss game. These Kodak moments I captured, but there is an event that I’ve come to admire year, after year.

Now every year I look forward to the giant tractor, the band at lunch, the corn maze, the pig races and eventually choosing our pumpkin. But one of my favorite activities has been discovering the pumpkin art contest. I hadn’t realized how creative these people can get. Most of the time, I’m making sure my kids don’t stab themselves as they’re cutting out the triangle eyes in their Jack-O-Lanterns. I hadn’t even thought of tapping into my childhood painting hero Bob Ross for inspiration.

But this particular farm does a good job of bringing out the creative artist in a lot of people and inspiring people like myself to think they can create something awesome as well. But, we’ll see.

For now I just admired the inventiveness of their imagination.

I’d say Oscar the Grouch was my favorite. I enjoyed Elmo and Big Bird on Sesame Street, they were my favorites, but something about Oscar the Grouch made me smile. This display always makes me take a minute. Even if we’re rushing to get in line, to sit and watch the band, or just to leave because I’m exhausted by everybody at the end of the day. This has become one of my favorite stops at the farm.

The family vibe sits with you, accompanied by the all the hay in your car, and long after you drive off into the sunset you feel good about doing a good thing … About going the extra miles to give your kids an experience you never had as a kid. You’re tired, and still driving back the long, windy road while they sleep, but you feel like the Kodak moments and Oscar the Grouch were enough for today. Today parenthood did not beat you down in the dumps with the difficulties of life and raising kids. Today you got this.

Buen Camino my friends!



5 Responses to “Kodak Moments and Oscar The Grouch at The Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Sorryless November 9, 2019 at 7:03 AM #

    Got this? You NAILED this! As. Per. Usual.

    You are such a wonderful mother, Guat . . I could hug you. The goodness you instill in those kids of yours, it’s an inspiration to read.

    That farm and the vibe . . YES. There is nothing like it. Sure beats the hell out of plopping a pumpkin into a shopping cart, that is for certain.

    You always bring a smile to my face.

    Happy Saturday

  2. The Guat November 21, 2019 at 9:48 PM #

    Duuuuuuude thanks so much Cayman. There are some days where I feel like MacGyver and I just pulled it off at the last minute and then there are others … I appreciate you stopping by and reading my stuff and leaving me these awesome uplifting messages …they seem to come at the right moment when I need a life preserver:) Thanks bud.

  3. susielindau December 13, 2019 at 7:18 AM #

    I LOVE your jar of Awesome! What a great place to create a memory.

    • The Guat December 26, 2019 at 9:11 AM #

      Thanks Susie! That was a good day for the Jar. Sorry about the delayed response. A lot of stuff going on here. But I thought about you the other day … I saw the word hygge 🙂

      • susielindau December 26, 2019 at 1:16 PM #

        Ha! I need to find my inner hygge after a Wild Christmas. I’m ready to ski for a couple of days and chill out, literally and figuratively. LOL!

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