Sandbox List Adventure: Feeling The Burn But Enjoying Pockets of Nature

13 Aug

Slowing down the clock. Making the moment last longer. They’re getting better at it.

Wanting adventures to last longer or remembering them with more clarity became a summer goal that’s probably going to last us some years.

They close their eyes, put their hand on their heart and take three deep breaths. Then open their eyes and watch … just watch and take three deep breaths again.

We had an opportunity for that today, We had an opportunity to escape the ugliness of what’s happening in our country. We had an opportunity to find some good, to be present in the moment and have gratitude envelope us. We had an opportunity for one last field trip. One last adventure before school started.

We needed to end our summer on an awesome note, considering the bumpy ride we encountered at registration. So once again we headed to the water.

I thought of the beach, but my kids wanted to change things up a bit.

A Sandbox List Adventure.

Paddle boating.

My son wanted to do this all-summer long, but for one reason or another it didn’t work out. We’d been to the lake a couple of times but it ended up being closed. However the day before school started … Sunny. Open. Clear sailing.

The one thing my son was unaware of was the massive leg workout this would be, but his muscles were pumping and my daughter, as captain of the ship, made sure we kept the boat moving. But if we’re being honest, I was breaking a sweat after the first lap and in desperate need of a water break. I was picking up the slack because I could tell my son was feeling the burn. We did a lot of drifting though, just letting the wind and the ripples guide us through the water.  But I guarantee you,  I’ll still be feeling it tomorrow morning, Word to the wise … sunscreen and stretching are necessary. You’ll feel the burn, but it’s worth it in those quads, but finding pockets of nature in the city is always worth the work.

There were highlights … awesome ones to accompany the quad workout.

Circling the water fountain and feeling the wispy breeze behind hit, made everything all right that day. Forgot about class complications, teacher meetings, principal emails, and class supply lists agony.

We were on the lake and it was Sandbox List Adventure time. The feel-good vibes from today will help fuel the rest of the week.



Checking out the scene and mapping out our course …



Had our sites on the fountain … a definite highlight of the day.





Then we headed to the lily pads to get a closer look at nature …



Duuuuude up close was just as beautiful …



And so after all that beauty and all those laps, we pedaled our way back.


Buen Camino my friends.


6 Responses to “Sandbox List Adventure: Feeling The Burn But Enjoying Pockets of Nature”

  1. Cayman Thorn August 14, 2017 at 5:29 AM #

    I love it, Cali!

    When the world is giving you nothing, take a detour and find the something you truly need. That’s the way to do it, hermana. I’m glad you and the kiddos found your summer magic on the water.


    • The Guat August 15, 2017 at 7:22 PM #

      It was super cool. The fact that I grew up around area and was hanging with my kids made it even more special. It was a trip. A summer magic one 🙂 thanks Zen Master 🙂

  2. August 14, 2017 at 7:10 PM #

    First… So happy to hear you had a wonderful time. Secondly, you photographed some gorgeous pictures. Stunning.
    I practice breathing techniques & meditation daily, and I always feel so serene thereafter.
    Hope the burn was worth it, and that both you & your son were able to walk normally today. LOL.

    • The Guat August 28, 2017 at 1:04 AM #

      Thanks! I love those pics, some of them came out pretty nice. The burning in my muscles felt good afterward and definitely well worth the views. Although my son called for a relaxing day and not too much walking or running the next day 🙂

  3. Dentler Erdmann August 14, 2017 at 8:20 PM #

    Fabulous . . .so good to see the Lake again! . . .and those famous lily pads.

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