The Process And The Hanna Barbera Journey

24 May

It took me back to Saturday morning cartoons. Just like our annual cardboard boat race, this little adventure took me back to the 80s where I dreamed of being one of the Hanna Barbera cartoons and building my own hot rod to race to the finish line.

We were pretty jazzed up to learn that my son’s Boy Scout pack would be hosting the annual Pinewood Derby. We marked the calendar, bought our kit and the kids laid out their Crayola Crayons Blueprint, LEGO drivers included of course.

We made visits to the Do-It-Yourself Center and Michael’s Craft Store to buy all the goods for this epic project. Every day leading up to the big race we worked on the cars … sanding them, cleaning them, painting them multiple times, adding decals and then our final touches. I made sure not to get too crazy though, I didn’t want to turn into Momzilla and take over the project. I wanted to make sure my kids did most of the work.

But you know, the day of the actual race itself didn’t live up to the hype I imagined in my Hanna Barbara mind. After waiting for all the heats and divisions to run through their rounds the enthusiasm dwindled off.

Perhaps because it was a three-lane course instead of five-lanes, maybe there were so many divisions that it became just a repetitive exercise and not a Pinewood Derby Showdown, or maybe it was the return of the stink-eye uptight assistant den leader from region pack meetings, his presence fuels voluntary and involuntary eye-rolls from the masses.

Whatever that wonky feeling was it lingered for a bit. I mean when it was my kids’ turn I was super excited and happy and enjoyed their rounds leading up the final division race. I was happy that my son had tied for fifth place in our rookie year of this event.

But I wasn’t really jazzed up about the other participants. I didn’t really have a vested interest. There seemed to be a pattern evolving, in regards to the type of designs winning each race. I mean once I saw a couple of their races the magic was lost  … until the Outlaw Division started.


There it was … a rules-out-the-window race, where creativity, imagination, and design were combined. It was about the fastest car but also about inventiveness, the personality of each car and then how it would perform. Those races seemed to be a little more exciting. I enjoyed my daughter coming in first place in the outlaw class and seeing her smile as her car crossed the finish line first. But through this entire experience, from blueprints to paint jobs, I was reminded of a great lesson.

It’s all about the process.

Enjoying the anticipation of it all, sharing our excitement of what was to come, talking, hanging out while we sanded and painted, and most of importantly remembering not to freak out if the paint job wasn’t spot on. They might not remember what place they finished that day, but they will remember that we built it as a family. They’ll remember how that felt. So, for future projects, I’ve got to remember that.

Process … It’s all about the process in the Hannah Barbara journey, or with anything really.


3 Responses to “The Process And The Hanna Barbera Journey”

  1. Cayman Thorn May 28, 2017 at 9:08 AM #

    I have this belief that when you put thought to text and create something out of the ennui, it is a sacrosanct process. So I have a saying, that the writing is the thing, the whole thing and nothing but the thing. It’s lost on most people who create, with the exception, it seems, of artists, whose clairvoyance is quite impressive..

    Process. It’s where it’s at- the love, passion, appreciation . . all that amazing stuff.

    There IS more to it, of course there is. But if you do not treat the process with respect and gratitude, then the rest of it isn’t worth having.

    Sorry for the ramble, I was journaling earlier and your post just hit a bulls eye for me.

    Great post, as per usual.

    • The Guat June 6, 2017 at 8:51 AM #

      I love this. It’s a trip how you’re in the zone on a particular topic in your life and then someone out of the blue is on the same topic and is feeling what you’re feeling and you’re like YASSSSSSSS. Feels good when someone’s on the same page as you. Process. It totally got me here. This was such a great reminder because with parenting or writing because sometimes I look towards the finish and lose sight of the middle of the race 🙂 but all good because the universe sends me reminders so I don’t mess it up and miss the awesome part 🙂

      • Cayman Thorn June 10, 2017 at 7:20 AM #

        The universe has a way about it, doesn’t it?

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