24 Feb



I love Jax Teller. He’s the wisest Son of Anarchy I’ve ever known.

I’ve said this to you before … in many of my past SOA posts, I’ve opened your eyes tot this quote before and the genius of the way it captured a very common feeling I’ve experienced.

I remember the episode and can still hear his voice. And I remember especially last week when I was in the midst of finding strength when doubt was creeping in on my dreams.

You see I find that crappy things do make me angry and sad, but I’ve learned that there are things and people that keep me strong, and unbroken, keep my dreams alive in my while I sleep and my dream catching awake efforts in full effect when the sun is out.


Everybody needs one.

I’ve found that outside my circle of trust, this motley crew of a blogging community has strengthened my belief in finding the funny when things go wrong, fortified my belief in “it” can happen, and boosted my confidence with its visits, comments, and clicks on the “like” button.

I’ve recently been made aware of how important it is to surround yourself with people who “get it,” who challenge you, who make you want to be better, who make you strive, who encourage the dreamcatcher in you.

I’ve got living breathing people I see on a weekly basis that do that over here, but this Word Press community has a way of adding a different dimension to that, because they’re dreamcatchers spread all over the country and across the pond. Whether it has to do with family, Lame Adventures, Wild Riders, Bucket List stories, retiring and hanging out in South Africa, Brickhousing, Drinking Well With Others, 2.0 stories, educational adventures, cooking expeditions, Mom stories, Dad stories, cycling enthusiasm, Apple Pie and Napalm music lists, Happiness Projects or Making Your Mark this community has helped me stay whole when I was pretty holey at times.

So I thank you for your support and helping me find another group of dreamcatchers that believe in good times and noodle salad moments, the kind you need to bottle up and keep.

Being part of a community is important when you’re trying to be better than you were yesterday, hopefully you’ve found many of yours to help you get wherever it is you’re going.



2 Responses to “Dreamcatchers”

  1. Cayman Thorn February 29, 2016 at 3:56 PM #


    You’re one of my favorite people on WordPress for good reason. You’ve taken the punches and you just kept moving forward. You’re Rocky in flip flops and cool shades, a tough customer with a heart of gold.

    They say the internet is a scary place, and I tend to agree. There’s a lot of scary on here. But there’s also a tremendous amount of good stuff if you look hard enough. I am blessed with the circle I have on WordPress, I really truly am. I look forward to you people, your lives and your stories. I root you on, and you do the same for me.

    That’s when it ceases to be a big scary place and it becomes a place you know and love. I kinda like the idea of WordPress being a modern day neighborhood.

    I have great neighbors.


    • The Guat March 5, 2016 at 12:16 PM #

      Ha! Rocky in flip flops and shades .., yeah I like that description. Thanks bud, words of kindness and encouragement always go a long way. I so appreciate the workshop friendly neighborhood community vibe here and connecting with good people like you. You are in my top five, no doubt! I often look forward to what you’ve got to say and come away always smiling. Buen Camino my friend.

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