The Price is Right and The Universe Keep The Dream Alive

19 Feb

The Universe was conspiring with me that day, and strangely enough it used The Big Wheel from the Price is Right as its messenger.

It’s possible. That’s all you’ve got to say … it’s possible. When you lose perspective and the dream seems far away … it’s possible. When you’re stuck on a sentence and can’t find your way to the end … it’s possible. When you can’t find encouragement for your dreams within a five-mile radius … it’s possible. That’s all you’ve got to say and believe in order to get out of the dark.

I was slowly meditating on this message all morning, trying to get pumped up for a day of writing and editing and dreaming up book covers when it happened.

I turned on the T.V. I usually don’t turn it on when I’m working, it’s just not productive, but I wanted to listen to the smooth jazz station as I wrote, and so when I turned it on there it was …


I hadn’t seen Bob Barker or heard the famous come on dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn since I was in junior high, or high school. But for some reason I had sat down because apparently there was a spin off going on and Drew Carey was explaining how if they landed on 5 or 15 they’d get $5,000 but if they landed on the 1oo they’d get $10,000 and the car, something like that. It was big.

So I had to watch.

First guy didn’t do it, ended up with 20.

However when the second guy’s spin began slowing down and tick, tick, ticking inching it’s way closer to the green and red numbers I became so invested in this dude’s luck. I was like … it’s possible. I was hoping for it.

It’s possible, right?

He landed on 100 and everyone exploded with excitement.

The universe is a trip.

I know there’s luck and statistics going on there, but that whole Price is Right spinoff so strengthened my belief in the “it’s possible” mantra. I finished my project that day and stayed on the positive tip for the rest of the evening.





2 Responses to “The Price is Right and The Universe Keep The Dream Alive”

  1. lameadventures February 21, 2016 at 7:55 PM #

    Maybe you should try getting on that show, Guat, so you can spin that wheel personally. Check it out:

  2. The Guat March 5, 2016 at 10:33 AM #

    Buddy!!! So awesome to hear from you … It might not seem that way considering I’m just responding but as with all things in life I’m behind. But I’m on the it’s possible mantra. It’s funny you say that, because the poultry shop that my family owned and that my dad ran for years is a block away from the CBS studios where this is filmed. And my dad ended up getting tickets for my brother in law and sister and his whole family a long time ago and the dude got a chance to spin the wheel! It was too funny. Cracking me up. Oh! And I thought about you the other day as I got an email getting my short play accepted into this ten-minute festival play thing they were having at a theatre downtown. I was like duuuuude. V would totally high five me as she’s a play enthusiast 🙂

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