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George and JJ And Their Dream Factories

23 Dec

Even though it was right in front of me I hadn’t seen it.

But after watching the most recent chapter on the Big Screen with my son and daughter I knew exactly what to say.

And don’t worry there are no spoilers, just some insights.

Now after all the craziness of opening week you’re either a fan or not. But either way you cannot help but appreciate the freakin depths of the imagination in which this world was created. George Lucas was amazing and JJ Abrams continued that awesomeness with the latest installment of The Star Wars saga.

As I was discussing the amazing film with my son, he just had this look of wow on his face, the same look he had when he watched Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope a while back. So I stopped.

What’s wrong?

Nothing. That movie was awesome! Awesome! How did they know that stuff was gonna happen?

What do you mean?

Like where they’d read it?

They didn’t. They created it. They made this whole world up in their imagination, The Force, light sabers, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Jedis, Princess Leia, and The Dark Side. He didn’t read it anywhere he made it up in his head. If it weren’t for Lucas Star Wars wouldn’t exist, and if it weren’t for JJ this movie wouldn’t have been so great. That’s what writers do, they create these things, these stories, they have dream factories inside their heads.

That’s. Amazing.

And all he could do after that was smile.

And me too.


Star Wars The Force Awakens

So after our conversation I just got to thinking about these dream factories that writers have in their heads, thinking of the worlds and characters they create and how if it weren’t for Lucas my son would have never known about The Force or light sabers or The Millennium Falcon.

Then it hit me … I have a dream factory. I’ve got ideas that no one else has or thinks about. I got something in me. It may not have Luke Skywalker in it but it does have some pretty interesting characters.

That little Star Wars magic created by Lucas and then amazingly told by JJ Abrams inspired me to get back on the computer and continue creating my little world, funny, sad, exciting, and triumphant with faults and all. I got it in me. I just got to continue getting it on the page.