Tune-Ups Are Necessary Because UGH-Moments Exists

20 Nov

“Self-judgement is based on unreality.” — Deepak Chopra


Say what?

I had to hear that a few times before it actually made sense. Sometimes ideas are so deep that I need to take a minute. Several of them if they hit me with this early in the morning.

As a writer I’m totally guilty of self-judgement. As a mom … duuuuuude happens a lot. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to do with writing or motherhood could’ve been love, family, career, spirit, life, NanoWrimo, a conversation, parallel parking. Anything can make you feel bad, if you let it.

And then Deepak spoke and I heard it.

Judgement is based on decisions or moments that happened in the past, those UGH-moments that you just can’t shake off. Still thinking about the five minutes, five days, five weeks, or five months ago situation. Sometimes they still play in my head like a rerun and you can’t seem to change the channel.

But again, I was reminded of something I learned a while back, something to help me flip the switch. Being a work in progress. That’s me, so I snapped out of it. I realized the person I was five weeks ago isn’t the same person I am today. I’m under construction and sometimes I get help. The universe tends to bless me with the grace, imagination, or gratitude I need in order to get through life’s little moments where I’m lacking perspective and patience. Other times it leads me to Yogi teas, Ben & Jerry’s, a punching bag, and Netflix.

So I continue to progress, and remember to be present, because it’s hard to judge myself about the past if I’m focused on the right now.

The Present! For the most part I thought I lived my life enjoying “the moment,” and being present. But now that I hit the big 4-0 I realized I could’ve done it a bit more.

“The road to happiness starts with a deep breath and an awareness of the many blessings tied to that single breath.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

Being on this meditation kick has really helped make that a part of my lifestyle. At first it was just tough trying to make it a habit, but now it’s just become a part of daily living.Whether I’m enjoying a football game on the couch, eating the best piece of chocolate cake ever, hanging out with friends, blogging, or skydiving, whatever it is I’m in the moment. I enjoy it, I appreciate it, and then I’m grateful for it happening.

This whole spiritual and self-compassion cleanse was a good reminder. Weekly tune-ups are necessary because bad days, jackasses, and UGH-moments happen daily.

Buen Camino people!







4 Responses to “Tune-Ups Are Necessary Because UGH-Moments Exists”

  1. anotherday2paradise November 22, 2015 at 6:35 AM #

    Oh yes, so true, TG. We all have those ‘UGH’ moments, and more often than not, no-one remembers them except ourselves. 🙂

    • The Guat December 10, 2015 at 1:12 PM #

      I KNOW right? Dude totally replaying them in my head. But this whole meditation process I started a couple of years ago totally helps wipe the clean slate, or at least partially clean it out so I don’t go crazy. Thanks for reading buddy 🙂

  2. Cayman Thorn November 24, 2015 at 6:13 PM #

    Self-judgement is based on unreality….I’m still letting that one swim around in my head. It’s Deepak, so I trust it completely. Really happy to hear that you’ve taken to meditation. It’s really quite something, isn’t it? All it asks for is patience and time, after which it becomes such a precious gift.

    Buen camino to you as well, hermana.

    • The Guat December 10, 2015 at 1:14 PM #

      Duuuuuude I am so glad I took it up a couple of years ago. It was a whole Meditation Challenge and then bam! It stuck with me, I just liked the way it settled things down and totally helped me grow and be more present. Deepak is deep. So I definitely need a ton of moments to let his wisdom sink in, patience and time. Totally awesome gifts. Cuidate. 🙂

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