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I’m Sorry Goes A Long Way … I’m Just Saying.

5 Jan

It’s not something that comes easy for me.

In fact it’s probably one of the hardest things for me to do.


I trust people.

I take their word for it.

So when something gets broken it’s difficult to pick up the pieces, especially if I knew it was done intentionally. Accidents are easy to let go of, but things done on purpose … dude I’m no Nelson Mandela. And the thing is I have no problem apologizing if I’ve accidentally wronged or hurt someone. But I trip out on how hard it is for people to apologize. Even for the little things. It makes forgiveness so much easier for the other person, because in the end it’s all about the little things

I’m just saying.


So in an effort to begin spreading forgiveness, for letting the little things go, here are a few conversation starters …

For your wives/girlfriends …. I’m sorry about eating most of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then putting the box back into the pantry with like four squares left. Four squares don’t fill a bowl. And then … I didn’t wash the bowl. I didn’t even rinse it so that one lonely piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that was left over hardened as it attached itself to the bowl…which sat there until dinner time.

I’m sorry … I know exactly where the toilet paper is located but I fail to replace it every time it runs out, and if by miracle I do replenish it, I put it on top of of the old roll, balancing it just so it won’t fall off. I know that’s not its proper place but it’s so much easier to do and it takes a second, whereas doing it the proper way takes five.

I’m sorry … I just couldn’t get into The Bachelor … and no … the DVR didn’t malfunction and accidentally erased it.

For your husbands/dudes … I’m sorry I didn’t properly learn how to spot primo front-door parking at the bank, so I had to parallel park on the street and it took me at least 10 minutes over the allotted parallel parking time because I couldn’t get in at the right angle and this resulted in scratching the tire rim.

I’m sorry we had to go over to my mother’s when it was Sunday Night Football, and you missed an amazing playoff game by some guy named Manning, had I known her television was broken I would have let you know so you could have set the DVR and I would have promised not to listen to the news on the way home and let you know they won the game in overtime by something called a Hail Mary.

For your kids … I’m sorry that your blue and white princess dress … the one from Frozen … the one that Anna wore … the one that might have accidentally made it’s way into the laundry pile instead of the hand wash pile has now lost all the awesome princess glitter. It washed away, although some has found it’s way to your brother’s baseball socks, but you could wear the baseball socks if you wanted. On the bright side the dress no longer has chocolate stains on it.

I’m sorry … Disneyland wasn’t closed.

I’m sorry goes a long way … I’m just saying.