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Bad Writing and 80s Photos

2 Aug

That’s it! I did it.

I was stressing over it for weeks, I even had to press the pause button on my slow novel-writing and sacrifice reading some of your blogs and books in order to get this done, but I did it.

I finally turned in this writing project and was so happy when I typed the words The End. I went all out on it. I Clear-Eyes-And-Full-Hearted this one, and gave it all, so I was glad when I hit that submit button.

Now all I have to do is wait … wait for that Congratulations you’re an awesome writer and we love it letter.

But while I’m waiting for that to happen wanted to let you in on a little writer revelation I had during this process.

I realized that sometimes the things I write … they suck. They really do.

I came to this discovery while going through some old college boxes, looking for my awesome notes from this one writing class, you know to get my ass in gear. And as I was getting inspired by my blue Mead Notebook, I saw an old play I had written and I remembered thinking how awesome I thought it was at the time. So I flipped it open.


It was like finding an old 80s picture of yourself rocking the aquamarine L.A. Gears, jeans tightly rolled up and tucked into your white and blue socks, followed up with awesome gravity-defying hairstyle courtesy of Aquanet. You thought you looked good, you swore you did. You had no idea why Rafa would not notice you walking past the lockers. Now … in retrospect … when you look at this picture you realize why he didn’t see you.

Yeah it wasn’t him … it was you.

Yeah you.

You thought you rocked it, but in retrospect you were a casualty of fashion mistakes cruisin’ the hallways, the hairstyle being one of the biggest ones.

Yeah. This play was my 80s photograph.

I read through it and couldn’t believe some of the characters. I was amazed that I thought I could turn in something like this and classify it as good. It wasn’t Sharknado terrible, but still. I realized I had a lot of growing up to do in terms of writing. Don’t get me wrong the premise, plot and theme were pretty good, just my execution needed work. Out of the whole play I just liked one character, the others … well they could’ve all gone down on the Titanic and it would have been all good with me.

In any case this piece of writing did help me focus on my current project and I was thankful for that. I was able to create better dialogue and character arcs because of my flash from the past. So here’s hoping that my early failure catapults me to a better future.