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You’re Not A Tourist, But Sometimes You Should Be

26 Mar

You see these things throughout your city, significant landmarks, places, and icons, but instead of parking the car, or planning a trip to absorb your city’s essence, you just make a mental note and move on.

But then you never revisit the notebook and the awesome pockets of pop culture peppered throughout your city are forgotten, until you see a tourist, or you’re picking someone up from the airport and start thinking of places you could take them.

Yeah. I had a revelation.

I realized a while ago that these inner-city adventures needed to be explored. I couldn’t very well experience the world and create bucket list items without experiencing the awesomeness of my own city.

You’re not tourist, but sometimes you should be.

Yeah. That’s exactly what I was thinking as I passed by Randy’s Donuts.


The iconic donut.

The iconic donut.


I’d seen it a long time ago in the I Love L.A.  music video and my Dad told me he’d take me there one day. It was actually on my bucket list. We passed by it plenty of times on our way to the airport or The Forum, the Lakers old stomping ground. But we never quite made it to the drive through window. I think my Dad might have stopped by on his own, a long time ago, before I existed.

But we never made it.

But that still didn’t mean I shouldn’t try to cross it off my list.

So when we were driving to the airport and my son happen to see the big giant donut off the freeway, I thought about it for a minute. You know, considering my whole junior high school debacle, I had to take a moment. But then I thought … Dude you’re not tourist, but sometimes you should be.

So I got off the freeway.

I gave my son and daughter the thumbs up. They smiled.

We made our way to Randy’s … three chocolate donuts were waiting for us.

And one glazed for my Dad.