You Make Life More Dramatic For Me … But In A Good Way

12 Aug

Dear AMC,

I know that some people say that television is bad for you and they even try to convince you not to watch it. People like Madonna I guess, but really she’s the “Material Girl,” so you can’t really trust her. Besides I think these people haven’t met you yet. You are definitely “Something More”.

First you hooked me up with Mad Men. I was intensely drawn to Don Draper,  Joan, and Peggy and the drama that followed their lives at the advertising agency.  It was a hold-my-calls type of show. I mean if I had people calling me I would totally hold my calls. It was a put-the-kids-to-bed-early-and-nobody-better-come knocking-on-the-door type of show. It was an awesome escape and so this is where it started.

This … this was the first show that had me hooked. And then I kept coming back for more. And you never seemed to disappoint me either. You’re not like the other networks that have good shows and then a couple of crappy ones. I mean really this other network has Person of Interest and The Mentalist, which are awesome. But then they have something called Big Brother.

Dude. Ridiculous. Shows like that give television a bad name. This is why I’m glad you’re here, because here is where “story” matters.

I don’t know how you do it. But you do. You have me on the edge every week.  I’m the tweaked out nerd logging onto your website for the extra footage, interviews, or the Q&A. I’m the nerd that doesn’t allow people to change the channel even after the episode has finished, because I need to see the preview to next week’s episode. Yeah that’s me … I’m the one.

I mean how could I allow any channel surfing with shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, The Killing, and Hell on Wheels. It just doesn’t happen.  It’s not allowed. It’s grounds for divorce. I’m a total drama addict. I can’t enough of your shows. I don’t even trust the DVR … I have to watch them live. Although the DVR is awesome because I could fast-forward through the commercials so that I can get to the story even faster. Although sometimes I feel guilty about doing that considering how big a fan I am of Mad Men. But you gotta weigh the pros and cons.

And to be honest with you I didn’t think I would enjoy watching the dad who wore “manties” from Malcolm in the Middle in a drama. I was skeptical. But dude, Bryan Cranston rocks as Walt … A.K.A Heisenberg. He is meth king and it’s awesome. Yesterday’s episode was Guatacular in every way. I’m drawn to his anti-hero story and want to have him succeed and fail at the same time. It’s complicated. But I’m drawn to him, and to Jesse.

Image via

Image via

Walt says stuff like:

“The universe is random. It’s not inevitable. It’s simple chaos. It’s subatomic particles in endless, aimless collision. That’s what science teaches us, but what is this saying? What is it telling us, when on the very night that this man’s daughter dies, it’s me who’s having a drink with him? How can that be random?”

“I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No, I am the one who knocks.”

And then Jesse says stuff like:

“…And let me tell you something else. We flipped a coin, okay? You and me. You and me! Coin flip is sacred! Your job is waiting for you in that basement, as per the coin!”

“What good is being an outlaw when you have responsibilities?”

Jesse: You either run from things, or you face them, Mr. White.
Walt: And what exactly does that mean?
Jesse: I learned it in rehab. It’s all about accepting who you really are. I accept who I am.
Walt: And who are you?
Jesse: I’m the bad guy.

Dude I love this. And I can’t thank you guys enough for making Sundays awesome again. But if you can believe it, it doesn’t stop there. Aside from these awesome shows, you decide to have something called Mob Week.

Mob Week!

The Godfather Parts I and II, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, The Departed, The Usual Suspects, and Mean Streets.


I’m doing cartwheels. Literally. I’m not a criminal, or even a thug-like kind of person. I’m a nerd. A sporty one. I follow the rules. I walk a straight line, but this … this appeals to the hidden criminal inside of me. I thought Shark Week was amazing, but Mob Week rules.

Thanks AMC … you make like more dramatic for me … but in a good way.


The Guat


2 Responses to “You Make Life More Dramatic For Me … But In A Good Way”

  1. Andrea Kelly August 13, 2013 at 12:05 PM #

    I STILL haven’t caught up with Breaking Bad…But I did see this last week and think of you:

    • The Guat August 13, 2013 at 11:16 PM #

      Ha! That’s a good one. I’m a total Breaking Bad geek and you would be too if you caught up with it. Netflix, baby. Netflix.

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