No Curbing This Enthusiasm

3 Jul

I guess I was still on a happiness high from my TinMan experience that I didn’t notice. But in truth, it probably would have happened regardless. Good music does that to me.

Although I didn’t expect an audience.

In retrospect I guess it’s a pretty sexual song. Lingerie kind of sexy. I mean the title alone … Nasty Girl by Vanity 6. Sounds kind of X Rated. But when I heard it I wasn’t really thinking stripper pole thoughts. I know when Prince is involved with music everything seems sexy and creative. But all I was thinking about was Beverly Hills Cop.

I was thinking Axel Foley. Taggart. Billy.

I was thinking the bar scene. I was thinking crazy Axel. So when I was jamming to this song full blast in my car, at the stop light, I didn’t really think about how that would be perceived. I was just getting my groove on. I was getting lost in the music. I was getting lost in the humor that was Axel Foley. I was immersed in the tune. Have you seen those people who are bustin’ out their best Soul Train moves while sitting in their car waiting on the stop light?

Yeah that was me.

I guess most people just do the thumb tap on the steering wheel, some go as far as nodding their heads to the rhythm or tapping the steering wheel like a drum. But me … I went full on Dance Fever moves. It was a long light. And apparently I wasn’t really paying attention to the actual lyrics I was just listening to the music, to the rhythm and my body took over. I wasn’t paying attention to the driver next to me, who was smiling and checking me out. In truth I’m glad I didn’t see them until the light turned green. I might have curbed my enthusiasm.


It didn’t occur to me that they may judge me based on my music selection, that I might be considered some sexy lingerie enthusiast, even though I wasn’t. So what did I do when they noticed me, when our eyes met?

I just smiled back and kept dancing. I was high on TinMan happiness and let my freak flag fly. No curbing this enthusiasm, just feeling good. I was grateful the whole day.




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