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Weekly Image of Life: Easter Time

11 Apr


A guy with a lot of Easter spirit.

A guy with a lot of Easter spirit.


I’m a little late on this one … but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show this guy’s Easter spirit at the horse track. I don’t know who he is or how much money he might have won, but when you see someone with such spirit you gotta take a picture and wonder why you didn’t bring your white suit and ears to race track.

Yes. The track. We spent Easter at the race track — a tradition going on about eight years now, maybe more. But even though I wasn’t wearing pastel colors and bunny ears, I still got lucky that day. I won 37 bucks on Foxy Boss to win. Good horse. I made Vietnamese Noodle Salad with something called fish sauce for the first time and it rocked. I avoided the crazy parents when I signed up for the early Easter Egg Hunt, and my kids got plenty of plastic colorful eggs. And while everyone was running for cover in their yellow dresses, me and my Lucky Jeans beat the pouring rain on Easter Sunday. Overall a good one.


Weekly Image of Life Courtesy of This Man’s Journey


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