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I Better Get On It Then … Well Maybe

10 Apr
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Just when I thought I was doing a good job of checking off items from our Sandbox Adventure List, Happiness Project, and Bucket List …

Just when I thought my latest adventure at the Fight For Air Climb was great …

Just when I thought I was getting closer to teaching my kids life lessons worth remembering …

Just when I thought I could relax a little bit because I was getting my life groove back …

Just when I thought I was building …

Someone sends me something like this.


I can’t afford to have pauses like this, especially when I think I’m on a roll. I don’t have anything this spectacular built. I don’t even have blueprints for something like this. I mean hey if you’ve got them, good for you. Me? I’m still trying to make lemonade here and sometimes it’s pretty tasty. Other times not so much.

Legacy, huh? I haven’t really thought about that.  Don’t know when I’m supposed to be thinking about it, or how often. I’m in my late thirties … I guess I better get on it then because apparently the years are short. But sometimes during these short years I wish people would remember to just relax and stop sending me reminders to carpe diem. I do a lot of carpe, but sometimes you just don’t want to carpe every second, of every minute, of every day. You need a break to relax, to reflect. You need a break to ice your knees from all the carpe you were doing the day before.

Carpe diem? Yes.

Better get on it? Yes.

Build Grand Canyons in your life? Yes.

But not today. Sometimes you just need to relax, decompress, and watch AMC.