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I’m Gonna Need a Strong Dose of This

8 Feb



Considering that I am currently under the influence of DayQuil and NyQuil, I still feel pretty crappy.

Everybody knows the flu blues. Your head hurts, like Wild E. Coyote smashed it with an anvil. Your chest hurts like if you did 100 push-ups. Your eyeballs hurt, like if you had glaucoma. Your body aches like if you’re a senior citizen, but you’re only in your late 30s. I mean even your hair hurts and being a mom, just finishing a 14-hour shift with two kids I got no blanket, no soup, or no cup of tea waiting for me. Just a sink full of dishes that my crazy OCD mind will just have to let go of. They’ll have to wait until tomorrow just like everything on the to-do list.

Tonight … tonight I’m gonna need a dose of laughter and sleep. A strong one.