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In Case Others Were Curious …

18 Jan

The why?

I was asked the why the other day.

Why did you start the blog in the first place, and why did you name it “The Wish Factor”.

What is that? Who does that? I thought it was pretty self-explanatory, but then realized well maybe not.

Why did I call it that?

For moments like these:

For when you realized that you’ve lost your job and it was a freelance gig, I mean you weren’t even on staff and they had to let you go because of funding, you wish you had another life.

For when you realized you had to move into your parents’ place and you are 36 years old. You are a grown-ass woman and you had to move in and relive the dysfunctional drama of your teenage years all because your future landlord decided not to be your landlord because his wife’s cousin’s sister-in-law needed the place and you hadn’t secured the lease. You wish you had another life.

For when one of your ten-year college reunion questionnaires reaches you via mail, and you realize everyone else is a CEO, VP, Senior Executive, or President with business cards and corner offices with giant windows and you … you are 36 years old and Head of toilet scrubbing, pants folding, dinner cooking, story reading, pamper changing, and Lego building. You wish you had more to write down.

For when it’s 10 o’clock at night and there are seven Dr. Brown Baby Bottles sitting on top of the counter smelling of stale milk, while your dude sits on the couch, eating Doritos, and watching the Golf Channel, knowing full well that it is his turn to handle the Palmolive duties. But apparently he thinks he is suffering from Fibromyalgia, which apparently is selective in nature and happens only when the dishes need washing, so you just sigh and so wish you were somewhere else.

For times like these:



Pretty self-explanatory.

But as I continued with this blogging project, I realized that The Wish Factor was no longer an action, a verb. It was no longer defined as wishing. It was something else. It became comedy, humor, funny. Finding the funny. This had become my Wish Factor … my X Factor for getting through the bad hands that life kept dealing on the table. The Wish Factor had redefined itself and I guess I was glad it had. The perspective changed and I may be better for it.

I may not even need chocolate …

Well let’s not get carried away. Chocolate has always been essential here, like breathing. It’s always been part of the journey, and as this journey came to an end, I realized maybe The Wish Factor definition wasn’t so clear. So for what it’s worth, that’s the why? And since this Guatacular journey celebrated its first anniversary this week, 365+ days of continuous writing, I’m happy to report that I’ll probably be taking the weekend off. But I’ll be back on Monday.