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Thanks for the Mood Changer Barnes & Noble

28 Nov

Image via some card at Barnes & Noble

Sometimes you run into something that moves you. It strikes a chord and you feel something. And after having a really tough night I didn’t quite feel like myself today as I plopped out of bed.

Sometimes not even a good night sleep can erase the crappiness of the night before. I tried all sorts of methods to try to shake me out of it, yoga, deep breaths, profanity, the Today Show, and music, but I still had that underlying emotional grime sitting there. Festering.

Then I had breakfast with my kids and that just seemed to annoy me. It wasn’t anything they did or said, other than the normal endless series of questions regarding Frosted Mini Wheats and the blue bowl instead of a green bowl, it was my own crappy mood that was festering. The very situation that created this emotional hangover remained unresolved and I hadn’t said my piece, I hadn’t let it out. Everything was still stuck.

I had to get out, raining or not.

We headed to Barnes & Noble where I hoped reading funny biographies would help me forget. Humor usually does it for me. And then I ran into it.

I was checking out the Quotable Cards section and I saw it. It wasn’t humorous ha ha … it was funny and warm. Like a smile.

And just like that … the crappiness seemed to escape into the air and land on some chic who was on a date with a dude that didn’t get the right kind of mocha latte.

I don’t know who took the picture but I was glad they took it. It made me feel different. It changed my mood and the rest of the day went a lot better.

Sometimes you just need witness a moment to turn things around, even if the moment has nothing to do with you. It changes the direction in which your world spins.