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Thankful for …

22 Nov

Charlie Brown and Lucy

Sometimes you can only take so much … so much family in such a confined space.

So you become thankful for the little “goods” that keep you centered in the midst of the crazy dysfunctional chaos that is Thanksgiving with your family.

… Thankful that the grocery store wasn’t crowded when I went back for corn.

… Thankful that when you went to the cemetery to visit your dad your flowers from the week before had not been eaten by the resident deer.

… Thankful for the green bean casserole.

… Thankful for the second helping of homemade pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

… Thankful for Charlie Brown … he makes me laugh.

… Thankful for the good night hug and the I love you that my son gave me.

… Thankful for the quiet of the night … the nice quiet that’s different from the daytime quite, the peaceful quiet, the quiet slowly interrupted by the snoring of your dog but you don’t care because it’s still quiet, the quiet that calms me and lets me hangout with my third piece of pie.

Thankful …

Happy Thanksgiving.