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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

20 Nov

Playtime with green.

Morning begins with the Grave Digger and  monster truck races. Green is my son’s favorite color so Grave Digger always seems to wins, while everyone else crashes.

In the car, during traffic jams, we play Angry Birds. The green piggy according to my son is an Angry Bird nemesis, and because of this little game my son has learned to deal with traffic quite well.

Train time is when Percy comes out. This train is one of my daughter’s favorites. She constantly runs around choo-chooing and chasing her brother.

Music time. Apparently during our dance sessions my daughter enjoys styling her lime green witch’s tutu and spinning around during Psy’s Gangnam Style.

The Great Outdoors calls for the existence of  The Big Green Ball. Fun for everyone who doesn’t fall on their face.

Sports time requires my son to wear his championship golf shirt, proud of our little golfer’s back-to-back victories.

At the end of the day, it’s story time. Last month because of Halloween we had Superheroes … Bruce Banner happened to be one of the profiles. I did not pick that one out.

Playtime with green.