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Weekly Image of Life: What I’m Thankful For …

18 Nov

I’m thankful for …

My little Guat.

… the times when she sits still in amazement. Still. Thank you wondrous awesome incredible beach for making this happen.


I’m thankful for …

My son … the adventurer.

… my son who always makes me laugh, smile, and often chase after him in outdoor mazes, which gives me the cardio workout I need, when the chase is not annoying me. Thank you Great Outdoors for making this happen.


I’m thankful for …

My savior 🙂

… the almighty cacao bean who is the creator of the most delectable, tasty, calorie induced, scrumptious, chocolate treats that make you forget about the crappiness of life momentarily. Thank you makers of chocolate .


I’m thankful for …

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… the words I have found that help me get through the tough times in life and run-ins with stupid people.


Thank you.





Weekly Image of Life Challenge courtesy of This Man’s Journey