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Unconditional Like

16 Nov

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… Like when you say you’re hypoglycemic, but in truth you’re just really cranky when you don’t eat.

… Like when you constantly have challenges with gravity even though you’ve been walking for 36 years now.

… Like how you’re not a morning person. Like … not at all.

… Like how you’re a television addict and don’t answer the phone when Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Justified, or Person of Interest is on TV.

… Like how you can go to 31 Flavors and always order rocky road.

… Like how you don’t really use Facebook or text messages, but prefer real conversations.

… Like how you iron your jeans and consider your black Levis the fancy ones.

… Like how you think buying things at Sportsmart is considered “shopping.”

… Like how you wear sneakers with everything.

… Like how sometimes you dated a jackass, but they still stood by you because sometimes love makes you stupid.

… Like how you sing along with the car radio at the top of your lungs even though you may not really have the voice or know the words.

… Yeah friends … real friends … like you no matter what. They like you with unconditional like.