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Weekly Image of Life: Smile

21 Oct






















For when you’re having a rough day.

For when traffic stresses you out.

For when you’re in the store parking lot, with two kids, no snacks, it’s close to dinner time, and your car won’t start.

For when you get the it’s-n0t-you-it’s-me rejection letters in the mail.

For when you get a parking ticket.

For when someone changed the channel and the DVR did not record your show.

For when there’s no chocolate left in your secret stash.

For when you somehow forget how to walk after 37 years and gravity gets the best of you.

For when your kid chooses these glasses as his prize from the game booth at a  carnival and is super proud of himself.

Smiles … they’re there when you need them.

Smiles … they’re priceless.






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