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A Night With The Little Chefs

5 Oct



Usually Friday nights consist of Cars. Despicable Me, Madagascar, or The Lorax, followed by a lot of jumping around and hyperactive woo-hoos for the hero. Movie night. We do it twice a month and I’ve seen each of these movies at least five times. At least.

But tonight my son had a different plan.

Pizza night.


First step … hit the deli for our special ingredients.



“Mom, this does not look like pizza.”
“We have to cook it first. Make it into a pizza.”
“Ohhh … let’s get started!”



Other than eating, this is the part he enjoyed the most. There was flour everywhere. My one-year old daughter got into pizza baking too, however she just decided to be in charge of the flour. The flour throwing that is … on the table, on the floor and at the dog. Sometimes I wish we still had a DustBuster.



I told him that he needed muscles for this part of the pizza making — that perhaps maybe mom should do this part of cooking.
“Mom, I got muscles. Let me show you.”



I was hoping to guide him during this phase of the cooking, however he felt the need to be Top Chef. His sister … still throwing flour.




We had a little over a pound of shredded cheese. My son felt the need to use all of it. I mentioned that he might want to save some for later. He just shook his head and said: ‘Mom, I thought I was the chef today?”
I zipped it.




Now the waiting game, which consisted of Nickelodeon.



His final masterpiece … Although I wish I had a better camera because this picture didn’t do it justice. My son was so proud of his creation he took a couple of slices over to the neighbor’s.



We ended the evening as it should always be ended. Cannolis. We battled for the chocolate one …


There’s nothing like a Friday night with the little chefs.