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Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

18 Sep


It’s a rager


Everyday Life

Morning. A clean house. Neat. Tidy. Quiet. Febreeze.

Enter kids.

A motley crew of characters take over the living room like a crazy Toys R’ Us hurricane.

Construction workers, pirates, Little People who constantly sing some “Open & Close” song that drives me nuts, Lightening McQueen and his race cars, Batman, Superman, and the Monster Truck entourage.

This is followed by a quick game of putt-putt golf where we pretend we’re at The Master’s and apparently I lose quite often.

The baby has no interest in following golf etiquette. She plays with the shapes toy from IKEA and an activity table with plenty of ABC and 123 songs. Too many if you ask me.

Then we build a colorful structure with our Jenga blocks, which is then knocked down by the baby. Disappointment overcomes a four-year old boy until I build the tower up again. We play a fairly long game until the Jenga Powers That Be think I should lose for the third time in a row.

The Big Green Ball makes an appearance, courtesy of the baby. Jenga blocks everywhere. Everywhere. Sneaky laughter.

But despite the toy explosion my son in his Lightning McQueen shoes, and my daughter in her Old Navy socks, find space to dance once they hear Gangnam Style by Psy. It’s a rager.


Clean up.


Moment of silence for mom … with chocolate.

Life … Everyday life.