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Lobster and Remembering to Dance to Your Own Rhythm

8 Sep

Good food becomes a great reason to take a long drive. Even when you have two kids, you stuff a bag full of emergency toys and snacks for the drive and hope they don’t want to hear the Head-and-Shoulders-Knees-and-Toes CD for the entire forty-five minute road trip. But you’d do it just for the food.

Luckily Blake Shelton, Eric Church, Josh Turner, the sounds of country music, and the occasional Taio Cruz song seemed to make the ride pleasant enough for everybody so we didn’t need the Romper Room/Wiggles musical. The fact that there was absolutely no traffic helped too.

What was our destination? Lobster Fest, and not the Red Lobster kind either.


Our first lobster festival


As any neurotic mom would, I made sure we arrived early, so we had time to check out the sights.


We rented a bike and built up an appetite. However in retrospect I really should have worn shorts. Pedaling in jeans is so not cool. But I did work up a sweat. Thank God for Degree deodorant.

Every time I’m at the pier, beach, or ocean I come across some mermaid or Poseidon-like statue.


My daughter seemed to enjoy the scenery and the ride.  And we enjoyed watching her.


We looked at the boats and then wondered why we couldn’t be weekend boat people. Then I noticed a few boat people flip-flopping it down the road, not showered and smelling like teen spirit. Then I realized I couldn’t be a boat person.

We decided we had enough of the boat people and headed to the lobster festival for some good food and thirst quenching beverages.


However seeing how I was the designated driver, I had the other kind of beverage.


But there were all kinds of people and all kinds of beverages being shared today. These are just of few of the people who came to enjoy the festivities.


And this is where the kids hung out, including my son. It was a win-win.


After all that playing we went to visit our guests of honor. They were flown in from Maine. I felt pretty bad that these were on death row.


But we still got in line and witnessed the process.


These were the hard-working boys bearing the heat and working the lobsters.


Lunch was ready.


This was Big Louie.


This is the amount of butter it took. Remember, you can never have too much butter.


This was the beverage of choice.


This was our view during lunch.


This was our entertainment during lunch. Apparently it was the Age of Aquarius all afternoon long. I decided to check out the dance floor.


This was the lead dancer, strutting his stuff.


However this couple … this couple takes the Dancing With The Stars Trophy. As I was jamming to my own beat on the sidelines, a regular Solid Gold Dancer, I noticed this couple … This awesome couple grooving to their own rhythm. While almost everyone stared in judgement and disbelief, I smiled, clapped, and celebrated. It reminded me …  always remember to dance to your own beat, even at a lobster festival.