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Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

21 Aug

The Masters of Merge


For when Friday night traffic hits you on a Sunday afternoon.

For when the jackass at work gets promoted over you.

For when  you say “Let me speak to your manager,” and they say “I’m the manager.”

For when you get another rejection letter and then see Snooki‘s book at Barnes & Noble.

For when you thought you had your first night off from the kids in two months and your dude, chick, or partner never shows up. They forgot and you have no CSI: Crime Scene Investigation skills when they stroll in at midnight.

For these times, you go to The Masters of Merge … Ben & Jerry‘s.

They combine unusual flavors to help ease your mind. They merge ingredients that have no business hanging out together into a sweet deliciousness that makes you forget about the calories. They merge stuff like vanilla bean ice cream with salty caramel swirl and fudge covered potato chips to produce ice cream awesomeness.

Ben & Jerry’s … The Masters of Merge.