The Power of Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, and the Mighty Bic Pen

17 Aug

At the beginning I had no idea what was going on. I went through this bold experiment — blogging — not knowing whether or not I could pull it off. I mean really, who had 365 consecutive days worth of material?

I had no syllabus, no daily objective. It was just me and my experiences. Some of them not so funny. But there I was, typing away in the wee hours of the night, trying to stick to my goal, trying to keep at least one of my New Year’s resolutions.

So far, so good.

But I have yet to complete one of the blogging goals I set out to do. Well it’s actually a life goal I set out to do and never got around to do it. But when I started blogging, I figured I would post it. I would compile it. I would complete it and then begin crossing things out.

It was something I saw in 2007. Something I said I would do with my dad, but never got a chance. It involved Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, cancer, and a list. The Bucket List.

Film poster for The Bucket List - Copyright 20...

Film poster for The Bucket List – Copyright 2007, Warner Bros. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It occurred to me, Latinos don’t really have Bucket Lists. We kind of just keep everything in our heads. A mental list, if you will. We have conversations about dreams and things we want to do in life, but we don’t have it written down or carry it in our wallet. Well at least some of my people do.

As I watch TV, movies, and scan the blogging world I run into other people’s lists and think wow … awesome. I need to get on that, but I never do.

Then today, as I was channel surfing, I ended up seeing the movie again. And that damn John Mayer with his “Say What You Need to Say Song” came out during the credits and that sort of put me over the top. I decided that writing a list might be something worth doing — the actual writing it down part. I mean I write down a daily list of things I need to do and crossing them out fills me with a great sense of satisfaction — even if it’s throw out the trash.

But I imagine a big reason as to why I haven’t actually written my Bucket List down is probably because of those very same daily lists. At the end of the day I may cross everything out, but there are days when I have one or two items left and even though they may be small, it bothers me that I didn’t complete them. Not a little bother … but more like an obsessive compulsive disorder bother. Sometimes I even try to reason with myself and con myself into thinking that yeah … I sort of did these things just so I could cross them out.

But no. It’s not legit. It’s fake. It’s cheating. The satisfaction is tainted.

But with these daily lists I always have tomorrow to make it up. The uncrossed items make it to the top of my list the next day and they do get crossed out by the mighty Bic Pen. Blue or black ink. And it’s real. But what about Bucket Lists? Once you’re gone or coming near the end, you don’t really get another day. You get regrets and I’m sort of in the lifestyle of living with no regrets, because they suck. I learned that lesson the hard way — with the passing of both my father and uncle. They both gave me advice before dying and it had to do with living life with no regrets.

But even though I haven’t written my Bucket List on paper, I still cross stuff out on the list … in my head, without a Bic Pen. I still have adventures, people, or places that I need to experience and explore. So what is it that I’m so afraid of?

The Bic pen? It’s pretty mighty.

But I’m a Guat … it’s time to be fearless. So even though I haven’t won the lottery or have a massive Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman bank account I’ll start the process. I’ll begin The Bucket List installment in hopes that at the end of this little project I will have finished writing down my list so that I can begin crossing it out … one adventure at a time. But I’ll give you a preview … here are two items. One I crossed off the list and one I have yet to do …

Go bungy jumping and keep my eyes open — Did it in Australia, which was the one place I always wanted to visit. I went two for two on that one.

Get my book published before I turn 100 — I’m 37 so I still got a couple of years, but in the meantime that mighty Bic Pen has a lot of ink.


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