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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

14 Aug

Andy in The 40 Year Old Virgin



Andy is in a club getting dating advice from his friend Jay.

Andy is advised to pounce on the inebriated girls with poor judgement in order to do well.

Andy says: “This doesn’t feel right.”

Jay says: “Of course it don’t feel right! What has felt right for you doesn’t work! You need to try some wrong, dawg.”

Andy tries some wrong.

Andy finds a girl and they walk out of the club.

Andy needs to blow into a breathalyzer in order for his drunken date to start her car.

Andy’s drunken date is having an emotional single girl’s crisis while driving.

Andy’s drunken date throws up a mixture of shellfish sandwiches and strawberry daiquiri in his face after they spin out of control and land safely on the curb.

Andy is still the 40-year old virgin.

Andy’s date ends.