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Morgan Freeman Gives You That I-Think-I-Can-Vibe

27 Jul

I got the fever in me … the Olympic fever. I’ve been pretty jazzed up about the next 17 days and it wasn’t so much the Opening Ceremonies that kicked it off for me. Although David Beckham’s appearance was pretty sweet.  But no … it was Morgan Freeman.


Do you know Morgan Freeman? Mr. Shawshank Redemption himself. Yeah. He’s the voice of the VISA Olympic commercials. He is badass.

If I had a video of my life made, I’d want him to narrate it. Something about his voice. He’s got that Shawshank Redemption voice. He moves me. He makes me want to go pole-vaulting, long-jumping, high jumping, marathon running, and long distance swimming. I know I can’t do any of these things with my 37-year-old ass but theses commercials make me think I can.

Morgan Freeman gives me the I-think-I-can vibe. He should be my inner voice for all other dreaming, bucket-list, life endeavors. I’d probably accomplish more.