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Reminders Are a Good Thing

26 May

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I was cleaning out my backpack and came across this card I had bought months ago. I saw it and it made me laugh.

It reminded me of the movie Swingers and how someone can be awesome and not even know it. They’ve done all the practice they need, they just don’t see it.

I love that movie. Sometimes through all the everyday hectic madness or just the crappy days you need to be reminded of your awesomeness.  It was just like the other day, when I found an old picture of myself stuffed away in a book. When I saw it, I instantly connected and knew that somewhere underneath the sweats and t-shirt was the old Guat.

Cover of "Swingers (Miramax Collector's S...

Cover of Swingers (Miramax Collector’s Series)

There are times when you need to be reminded of how awesome you are.  Sometimes it happens by accident, other times it’s intentional. It’s like the movie Swingers. Sometimes you need a friend like Trent Walker to remind you that you’ve already put in all the work. You already practiced. You’re awesome. You’re money, baby.

“You are so money and you don’t even know it.” — Trent Walker

I was reminded of this today, so I thought I would remind the rest of you.