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DVR Worthy

11 May

You create expectations. You get invested. You get emotionally involved, and then they pull the plug.

There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s out of your control.  They’re gone.

Dramas. I love them. I’m not a reality tv fan, I’m a drama fan. Ever since LOST and 24 it’s been hard to find good ones, but when I see something I like it becomes DVR worthy and I become DVR addicted. There are a  few shows that get the I-need-to-record-you-every-week-just-in-case-I-don’t-make-it slot. They carry action, suspense, good writing, good characters, and great story, but most of all drama. Drama … it’s that thing that makes you gasp and unconsciously ignore the people around you as you watch the show. It’s the holy-crap moment that really gets you. This is what becomes DVR worthy. If you don’t have a holy-crap moment you’re not making the DVR or TiVo record list.

And now because of these suit and tie people my DVR will get no action. It’ll be stranded and alone. Like a cheap hooker with bad perfume.

As a lover of television, the summer is a scary time of year. It’s the season where good shows go to die. Sometimes your best distraction during the week ends up getting the ax, and then your stuck with stupid shows like the Bachelorette. I mean if I was interested in watching some chick cry and kiss a bunch of dudes and then pretend to fall happily in love for eight weeks, I’d watch Univision … they have hotter looking dudes with accents.

Ugh. Television Suit and Tie People … sometimes I don’t know what you’re thinking.

Ashley Judd — Missing

Ashley Judd is a badass … you must be haters of women if you don’t want her on television. She was a strong woman, mother, and former CIA agent  in search of her son who was kidnapped by a rogue agent,  involved in espionage and trafficking. That same rogue agent framed her husband, who had to disappear for ten years, also had her Italian love interest shot. Yeah … a regular family drama with badass car chases and kicking skills.

Alas it has been cancelled … so I am in withdrawals as I have to go through all these upcoming dumb shows of the summer and fall.

Thank God for cable. At least I’ve got the AMC and the USA Network channels, they’ve got some pretty good shows with awesome writing. At least my DVR will not feel lonely for long. I got some DVR worthy programs coming up.

 Giddy up!