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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

8 May



You sit there exhausted. You spent the last twenty-hours cramming for an astronomy final exam that you desperately need to pass and now you’re supposed to be writing a comparative literature paper on One-Hundred Years of Solitude. You’re tired and unfocused.

You sit there staring at a blank screen. You slept well. You ate well. You exercised. But your writer’s block consumes you. You remain unfocused.

For the third night in a row your kid posts a fever of 102. You slept a total of seven hours in three days. You look like death. You log on to write on your blog but sleep deprivation overpowers your mind. You’re thoughts are unfocused.

You’re in the middle of a great short story. The words are flowing so well that you know you’ll finish the chapter by tonight. The phone rings. You get up to answer it and stub your toe on the wooden chair.  Your toe nail is lost, and you’re in excruciating pain. You return to your chair and stare at the computer screen. Your toe is throbbing. You lost it. You’re unfocused.

He passes by your cubicle for the third time that day. You’re mesmerized by his Matt Bomer good looks. You melt as he smiles and says hello to you for the first time in nine months. You stare at the computer screen. You forgot your own name. You’re on cloud nine. You’re unfocused.