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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

1 May



Together … Drinking and driving suck.

Together the drunk driver and his car crashed into my car and plowed me into the center divider.

Together the glass, the steering wheel, and the walnut dash made an impact on my face, arms, and knees.

Keeping it together was pretty difficult as my blood oozed everywhere and the other driver walked out of his car unscathed.

Together the ideas swirling in my head said I should get out of the car and smash the bottle over his drunk-driving head, but the paramedics didn’t think it was a good idea.

Crushed together were all the parts of my 1967 white Mercedes Benz 300 SE.

Together both of my parents freaked out as they drove home from the airport and recognized what was left of my car being hauled away.

However, thanks to the awesome German Mercedes Benz engineers and makers of my car, all my body parts remained together and still functioned as a unit.