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When You Have Passion, Good Things Happen …

14 Apr

He makes you want to pursue your passion. 

I saw him on the Nightly News with Brian Williams.

I thought … man this nine-year old boy is awesome. When I was nine I was watching Karate Kid, practicing my Mr. Miyagi moves, playing Light Bright, Battleship, tag and basketball.  Nothing inspirational by any means, but my dad was still proud of me.

So when I saw Caine’s story I thought … wow … this kid is awesome. He has passion and he took it to the next level. He’s probably going to be the next Bill Gates in his field. His dad is most definitely proud of him. Caine is proud of himself.

He spent time during his summer vacation at his dad’s auto parts store. He noticed all these cardboard boxes and had vision. 

This is his story …


Caine’s Arcade