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It’s Where Miracles Happen

10 Mar

It’s gut wrenching. It’s emotional. It’s disbelief.

If you’re an atheist, it’s a time when you actually bow your head and pray. It’s a time for rally caps and crossed fingers. It’s the most intense, exhilarating and mind-boggling adventure and your ass hasn’t even left the couch. If it has it’s probably because you’re jumping up and down like Tom Cruise on The Oprah Show, either from frustration or elation. IT’S MADNESS! Not the day-after-Thanksgiving-sale kind of madness, but MARCH MADNESSTHE BIG DANCE … where the insanity begins on The Road to the Final Four.

Most of my chick friends aren’t too in tune with this Madness. I’m one of the few chicks I know who actually watches games for the sake of the game and not so much to pick up on guys who are eating the buffalo wings at the bar. I suffer from the Madness, always have ever since junior high school, before the MC Hammer pants existed.

But passion and long-standing devotion doesn’t get you to win the pool. The upset becomes the downfall of the bracket. Those damn Cinderella-underdog stories jack up your entire bracket. I mean who ever heard of Gonzaga University before John Stockon? Ahhhhhh John Stockton.  😉

The brackets. It’s anybody’s ball game. It’s a time when the librarian-looking-Bravo-TV-watching secretary from accounting wins the pool two years in a row for the newspaper you worked for and you actually work in the Sports Department. I worked for a large metropolitan newspaper for about four years as a sports writer and only one time during those four years did someone from sports win the March Madness pool.

This is why they call it Madness. Anything can happen and anything usually does.

But the one time the Madness came through for me was in the early 90s … 91 and 92 to be exact. Duke. You either love it or hate it. And even though I’m a Pac-10 girl (well now Pac-12) I’ve always been a Duke Blue Devils basketball fan.

Even though it took me three spell-checks to type out his name I love Coach K….Mike Krzyzewski. Let’s just call him Coach K.

He came through for me and all Blue Devils fans in the early 90s. Christian Laettner … I could’ve married him. I was so in love with him, but little did he know of my Guat love. Bobby Hurley too.  They won back-to-back National Championships, but the most memorable game was against Kentucky. It makes the highlights every time. They needed a miracle and it happened. Down by one … the craziest 2.1 seconds of my life.



I nearly had a heart attack from all the excitement.

This is why it’s awesome. This is why it’s the best time to be a fan. This is why you go with you heart. This is where the X-Factor matters. This is where the wish factor matters. This is why you love college sports. This is why they call it MADNESS, get on board. Choose your Cinderella and powerhouse. Fill out those brackets and let the miracles happen.

Giddy up!