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Whitney Houston and Marvin

12 Feb

Everyone has their favorite moments and most of them are attached to songs. You hear certain tunes and they’re like time machines, sending you back to Trapper Keepers, Maybelline blue eye-liner No. 5, and massive amounts of Aquanet hairspray…the one in the pink and silver can. So when I heard of Whitney Houston’s passing the first thing that came to mind other than complete shock and sadness was Marvin. 

How Will I Know

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Just like any kid growing up, you have your elementary school crushes where you or they send you a note saying: Do you like me? Followed by two boxes and instructions: check yes or no. Marvin happened to be one of my early childhood crushes and many notes were passed. I was definitely checking that “yes” box.

The popular love song at the time happened to be Whitney’s “How Will I Know…” and I swore that was me. I still remember that video … the big bow in her hair, the  colorful background, and those crazy 80s back-up dancers. That song rocked when I was young, and I perfected those dance moves.

Apparently when I was caught singing it in the shower my cousins knew something was up and I was forced to spill the beans otherwise they’d say something to my parents and the ever so popular Chancla would definitely make a special appearance.

So I gave details. He was cute and he had a nice smile. I told them about hanging out during recess and how he wore mostly jeans to school. I think they were Sergio Valentes, maybe Levis. So Marvin was not Marvin anymore. He was “Ooooooooo…Marviooola.” And when Whitney’s song came out they sang on key. And the teasing was endless…that is until the next heart-throb came along…he was a different song…different can of hairspray.

But as I hear Whitney’s greatest hits on the radio and a montage of her life’s work. I think of Marvin and my crazy cousins.  All and all nothing came of that little romance. We went to the same junior high and high school and became hi-and-bye friends in the hallways during passing periods.

But now anytime I hear Whitney’s “How Will I Know…” I remember Trapper Keepers, Aquanet, Maybelline blue eyeliner No. 5 and Marvin. Normally I would wonder how he’s doing but the invention of Facebook informs me that he’s doing well and living out of state.