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This is what happens when I leave the house…

7 Jan

I was excited … ecstatic I was about to leave the house and it wasn’t to go shopping at Rite Aid for ibuprofen or Costco for diapers. It was a social outing…a drinking adventure…a laugh session with an old friend. A place to hang out for a couple of hours without hearing “constructive criticism” from mom with the ever so endearing serota huevona, or worrying that my other half was going to serve up Oreos for dinner. I was out and about enjoying one of the best tortilla soups I’ve eaten … until I got the phone call.

The Discovery Channel Store is awesome, kind of like the Sharper Image for kids. The gifts are very enjoyable and educational, at least my three-year old son thinks so. He received a multicolored LED animated jellyfish lamp, which according to the box simulates marine life and allows you to watch jellyfish-like creatures in amazement. The key words on the box: “hassle-free”. I think they need to translate that to Guatemalan or least say “Don’t let your relatives touch it.”

It was in the middle of the table doing its oceanic groove thing when my aunt decided to clean an already clean table. I don’t know what it is with my people, I mean how much more can your house smell like Fabuloso? But there it was … minding its own business. The circumference is not that large that the surface underneath it needed to be cleaned, but apparently it did and it was moved. Now that wouldn’t have mattered much had the water stayed in the tank, but seeing how the tank was moved and the hassle-free lid just happen to come off as my aunt dropped the tank presented me with mini tsunami. That would have been o.k. I got Bounty the Quicker Picker-Upper. But there was not enough Bounty that could stop the two gallons that washed over my laptop. Over the keyboard, into the speakers and onto the screen.

I suffered a few technical difficulties after that.

So needless to say that no matter how great that tortilla soup was…I was a little stressed out about my laptop drowning. 

Pictures, video, writing files…dude. I would have to make a trip to The Geek Squad if it were not for the ConAir Infiniti Pro. Other than reducing frizz and sealing my hair cuticles on a bad-hair day, this state-of-the-art ionic technology kicks ass at drying keyboards. 1875 Watts. I don’t know what that means but it dried out this jellyfish water that saturated my computer, and after a couple of days I was able to turn it on.

Dude.  You leave the house for a drink and your computer drowns. Note to self …keep your relatives away from objects containing water or just water in general